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Get Comfortable with Comfortis

 by zack on 10 Nov 2012 |
3 Comment(s)
Hello and welcome! It’s time for another product showcase in the ongoing war against fleas. This week’s item presented for your perusal goes by quite the contented moniker: Comfortis. Comfortis is a highly effective chewable monthly flea killer. This stuff is extremely potent against fleas, but relatively easy on a dog’s system. Comfortis begins working as soon as digestion starts, around 30 minutes after the initial administration, and it keeps working for thirty days after ingestion. It actually causes fleas to have a seizure before they shove off the mortal coil. It’s a dramatic sight, if you’ve got a microscope and the free time.

According to a study from 2011 put forth by Ipsos Forward Research, Comfortis has the highest overall satisfaction rate for monthly flea control products among veterinarians. That’s mighty high praise for a chewable. Usually, a digested treat doesn’t go to work as quickly as the spot on alternative, owing that delayed reaction to digestion and transmission through the blood stream rather than the sebaceous glands in their skin. It’s efficacy can’t be understated, the fact that you can actually witness fleas seizing and dying within a half hour of feeding the dog a tasty treat, is nothing short of incredible.

Also incredible, is the chewable delivery system for this drug. That means no more chasing the dog or cat around the house and applying the back of the neck death grip in order to apply one of those irritating spot ons. Those of you with more subdued pets might not understand such travails, but if you’ve ever had to deal with a half feral cat that doesn’t like the smell of a spot on, you’re more than a little familiar with the difficulty described. You can also cease to worry about getting any of the chemical on your hands, furniture, clothing, or carpet.

Comfortis works by regulating the growth of the fleas as well as the all-out brutal genocide it commits upon the adult blood-suckers. What this means is it keeps flea larvae, pupa, and eggs from ever entering into the next stage of life. Without any way of growing up they don’t really die of old age, but just sort of expire because they can’t fend for themselves at any point before adulthood. As far as fleas are concerned, Comfortis is a nightmare grotesquery that eliminates silently, violently, and almost instantaneously.

To sum it up, Comfortis is a tasty chewable delight for dogs and cats alike, which horribly maims the unborn fleas, cantankerously annihilates the adolescent ones, and vehemently exterminates the adults—all in a timely fashion. It’s chemical warfare at its best; giving the maximum benefit to you and your pet, with no fuss for you and a delicious reward for them, but also taking swift and total vengeance against your microscopic enemies. So if you are looking for a fast, effective, and ferocious chewable alternative to a spot on flea control medication, then give Comfortis a once over today!


Jennifer  - Comment
Jennifer 28 Nov 2012Reply
Best stuff I have ever used. Live in NWFL, fleas year round. Miracle drug!
ann  williams - Comment
ann williams08 Jan 2013Reply
My feral cat is very wild. lives in bushes etc, he ate the food with pill 1 day a go and is still scratching. how long until it takes effect?? he has bare spots all over body from fleas. I feel so sorry for him. Can i give more than once a month??? he is about 6 pounds
Pet Bucket - Comment
Pet Bucket08 Jan 2013Reply
It's best to ask your vet about double doses, although it wouldn't generally be required unless you actually still see fleas on your cat. It's also possible to get reinfestations if your cats bedding area also picked up the fleas. Comfortis continues to work for 30 days but if your cat is under constant attack, it may be less effective.
I also suggest getting your vet to take a look and make sure there are no sores that have been created by the original scratching from fleas before they were killed. This can be the cause of ongoing scratching on scabs etc. Best of luck Ann

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