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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Cat's Hairballs

 by jaime on 12 Jun 2014 |
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Cats are typically tidy animals that take pride in maintaining a neat appearance. Unfortunately, all of that licking usually comes with a price. Any cat owner knows that hairballs are an uncomfortable problem for clean kitties. If your furry friend is prone to getting wads of fur stuck in its throat, you may be able to cut down on this condition. Here are six easy ways to reduce your cat's hairballs:

1. Keep your cat groomed
Grooming your kitty regularly can help keep the amount of excess hair under control.  Be sure to brush your cat's fur thoroughly on a daily basis.  You should also massage in a pet-safe conditioner to keep its coat free of clumps.  Your cat will feel pampered and may deal with less coughing and choking.
2. Feed your cat a fishy treat
This is another tip your cat is sure to enjoy.  Try giving it a treat like a canned sardine or a bit of tuna that's been packed in oil.  The oil will serve as a lubricant to help slide hair through the digestive tract and keep fur from getting lodged in the throat.  As a bonus, your cat will love indulging in the tasty snack.
3. Mix some canned pumpkin into your cat's food
You probably know that "Pumpkin" is a fairly common name for a cuddly kitty.  However, you may not be aware that feeding your cat a small serving of pumpkin may reduce the occurrence of hairballs.  Try adding a couple tablespoons of a canned variety into your pet's daily meals.  The wetness will help glide the hair along and the extra fiber will promote regularity.  You'll help get rid of the fur that's been clogging the pipes!

4. Purchase a petroleum-based lubricant
Since hairballs are such a common dilemma, there are plenty of products available to treat this condition. Look out for creams and gels might work for your cat.  Look for one that contains petroleum jelly and is made up of only non-toxic ingredients.  You always want to make your cat's safety the top priority.
5. Choose a hairball-reducing pet food
There are many pet foods on the market that cater to specific health concerns.  You're certain to find a healthy option with a hairball-reducing recipe.  Feeding your cat a diet that's specially formulated may be all it takes to keep the hairballs at bay.
6. Consult your vet
If your cat still has excessive hairballs after trying these remedies or the hairballs are accompanied by other symptoms, there may be an underlying health condition.  Visit your preferred veterinarian to determine the next course of action.  After doing a thorough examination, he or she may be able to suggest a medication or another simple solution to your cat's hairball problem.

When you're a cat owner, hairballs often come with the territory.  However, that doesn't mean you can't cut down on your kitty's discomfort.  By using these easy tips, you can reduce those hairballs and keep your cat healthy and happy!

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vera bura - Comment
vera bura13 Jun 2014Reply
How old is the oldest cat that people on this site have
Kitty - Comment
Kitty13 Jun 2014Reply
My cat is 17. She still looks very healthy.

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