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7 Things Our Pets Can Teach Us

 by simone on 19 Jun 2014 |
2 Comment(s)
Anyone who shares their life with a pet, or who has ever spent time with a pet, knows that animals enrich our lives. Research has proven that people with pets are happier and healthier.

Animals help people with Autism, especially children, to socialise and remain calm and also assist those with developmental disabilities, Down Syndrome, temporary and permanent mobility impairments and people who have suffered a stroke. Animals can speed a person's recovery after a heart attack, can reduce blood pressure and the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Close bonds develop between people and pets and it is these bonds that science is starting to explore. Anthrozoology is the scientific study of humans and animals – it is the how, what and why of the special bonds that form and the effects of these interactions and the relationships. The goal of anthrozoology is to improve and better understand human and animal mental and physical well-being.
Animals have an influence and affect upon us that is greater than we may realise. Life is short, so spend a little time observing your pet and then adopt some of their traits, daily practices and outlook on the world. Here are a few life lessons that our pets teach us about life.

1. Love unconditionally
As humans we are involved in a number of different and complicated relationships with family, friends and colleagues. We often place value on these relationships based on expectations and experiences. This can be the cause of a lot of pain and worry. Animals don’t bother with these conditions. They don’t hold grudges, make judgements or expect anything. Instead, they quickly, easily and wholeheartedly exhibit compassion, devotion and love.

2. Be grateful and positive
We’ve all heard that ‘the simple things in life are often the best'. Well, it’s true and animals live by this rule. Whilst we strive to succeed in our careers, compete with others and amass more possessions and wealth, animals take pleasure in life itself and celebrate the little things.

3. Friendship and loyalty
If you treat your pet with kindness and provide food, water and shelter they’ll remain by your side and loyal forever. They don’t ask much but what we get in return is something very special. Pets are happy just to be with us and to be part of our lives. It’s something that we can, and should, extend to our human friendships as well.

4. Walk, play, stretch, head outdoors and catch some sunshine
Every day you should spend time exercising, enjoying nature and the sun’s warmth – not only does it provide health benefits and is a wonderful thing to do, but It’s also free! And remember to pursue fun and laughter whenever you can. Get out there and play with your children, friends and pets for the hell of it.
5. Express yourself
You know instantly if your pet is happy, sad, unwell, irritated or scared because they show you. When they love you, they show you. They may not be able to talk but they are honest about they're feelings and don’t play games. Wouldn’t things be much easier if we too expressed how we felt and showed our love and happiness so unguardedly?

6. Simplify your life and relax
Okay, so our laid-back pets don’t have the stresses and demands in life that we do, but many of these are of our own making. Take opprtunities to simplify your life. Spend your weekend only concerning yourself with meals, exercising, play, relaxation and sleep. Take a nap if you want to, lounge on the grass in the sun, clear your mind and enjoy the stillness.

7. Be present
Pets don’t dwell on the past or fret about the future. They live in the moment and deal with things as they happen. They are content to just be. It's a very stress-free way of living.





Alexandra - Comment
Alexandra23 Jun 2014Reply
A cat or a dachshound, the greatest and truest friends you can have
Maria - Comment
Maria23 Jun 2014Reply
I love this article; it simplifies how humans should lead and enrich their lives. Thank you for sharing.

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