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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Shaking

 by danielle on 18 Aug 2014 |
8 Comment(s)
Cats, like people, can start shaking to keep warm. There might be a problem however if your cat seems to shiver and tremble all the time without any apparent reason.
1. Hypoglycemia
Lowered blood sugar, or hypoglycaemia, is a common cause of shaking in cats. It generally occurs, like in humans, when a cat hasn’t eaten for some time. By feeding them dinner or a treat, their blood sugar levels should raise and shaking desist.
Low blood sugar levels can also result when a cat is suffering from digestive problems like vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation. Encouraging the cat to eat in such a case is also the solution.
If a cat refuses to eat, out of fussiness or because they feel ill, placing a drop of honey in their mouth (no more than a tablespoon) can quickly elevate blood sugar levels and restore them to appropriate levels.

2. Hyperthermia
A cat with an advanced infection suffering a high fever may start shaking due to ‘chills’. It is a good idea for cat owners to keep a thermometer on hand to test their cat if they suspect illness. A temperature above 103.5 degrees Fahrenheit indicates a fever and that a trip to the vet is due.

3. Hypothermia
Just as a heightened internal temperature can cause shaking in a cat, so too can a lowered internal temperature result in shivering. Healthy adult cats can usually regulate normal temperature levels internally, however young and old cats may struggle. Warm blankets and heating pads in cold weather can help vulnerable cats to keep cosy.

4. Pain
Cats seldom express much openly when they are in pain – yet shaking may be a sign they are suffering due to an injury or illness. If you suspect this may be the case, take your cat to receive medical attention immediately.

5. Stress
A stressed or anxious cat may start shaking uncontrollably due to a nervous outburst. Cats are sensitive animals and it can be difficult to discover what exactly is troubling them. Changes in the environment, no matter how innocuous they seem to us, can spark distress in cats who thrive on predictability. New furniture, the sight of another cat prowling the neighbourhood it can see out the window or sounds from the building site next door can all cause a cat to become unhappy and shake with distress.
If you are able to remove the object that is upsetting your cat, try to do so. If it is something like a new sofa you are attached to, or outside your control such as neighbourhood noise, try providing other comforting items to help you cat adapt to the changes that are upsetting it. More hidey-hole beds around the house and perches to sit on are great at relieving cat stress, as felines feel naturally safer when up high or able to hide in a dark space away from ‘danger’.
As always, we recommend consultation with a veterinarian to rule out serious underlying conditions first to make sure your pet receives the perfect treatment for their problem. 
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Shanza Anwar - Comment
Shanza Anwar16 Aug 2017Reply
My cat is 2 months old and he is shivering with his tongue out & his heartbeat is very fast
Leanne - Comment
Leanne23 Sep 2017Reply
My 9 year old tuxedo cat does the shivering thing also.
Erika - Comment
Erika23 Oct 2017Reply
Hi. I have a cat called bubbles. He is 11 yrs old. For the last 6 months. I have notice he shakes even when holding him. It feels like a nerve shaking. My daughter also bought home two other cats. They dont seem to get along. So I tried for the two females to keep outside. While outside I bring my male Bubbles in. Or other way round. I love them all and I am a cat lover. I give them all unconditional love. But Bubbles is my no1. And he worries me, because lile I said. Concerned abouy his shaking. Then 3 weeks ago. He just ate then saw the other cat and it felt like he was joking and had like a fit. It looked like he was joking with his food. He has done thay twice. I am in the pension and going through hardship. If I am able to have the money will yake him to vet. But at the time I really need help as I am worried if he having heart attack. Please help me. Thank you Erika
Monica - Comment
Monica02 Nov 2017Reply
My 2 year old male cat is on all four but crouched and hes shaking. Is this something serious. I'm taking him to the vet Friday
Sthephanny - Comment
Sthephanny27 Dec 2017Reply
Minha gatinha estar tremendo eu não sei se frio ou outra coisa
Amy Melvin  - Comment
Amy Melvin 06 Mar 2018Reply
My cat twyla is 2 years old n shaking and growling idk what's wrong with her
Dave - Comment
Dave04 May 2018Reply
Everyone should look into the docu-series truth about pet cancer. Commercial pet food is poison to animals. 50 years ago 1 in 100 dogs got cancer. today it is 1 in 1.65. Cats is 1 in 3 get cancer. Raw feeding just like they would in nature is what you want to do to prevent your pet from cancer.
Ava long - Comment
Ava long20 Jun 2018Reply
My cat Meeko is a 8 year old female, and every time a thunder storm brews she walks slower and lower to the ground and when I feel her she shakes almost like she is shivering. Is she cold? Is she afraid? Is she nervous? Let me know if you have the same problem or something similar.

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