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Product Showcase: Drontal

 by zack on 25 Oct 2012 |
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Everyone knows how difficult it is to keep your favorite pet worm free. Those pesky parasites seem to pop up wherever and whenever they’re least expected; and repeated vet visits can be a tiring and costly chore. Thankfully, many powerful worming medications are readily available at the vet’s office as well as online. Though the massive multiplicity of medications for dogs or cats with worms presents another problem. Which of these meds is best for your dog or cat? Well, the most popular and effective, according to most consumer reviews, are the products produced under the Drontal name brand which have a very high success rate, and near 100% customer satisfaction.

Drontal has a lot of different products under its broad umbrella. Drontal plus, Drontal Allwormer  Cats, Drontal Chewables Dogs, and Drontal Worming Suspension Puppies are just a few of the flagship products made by the Bayer subsidiary. Since worms in dogs often share many attributes with cat worms, the same active ingredients can work in both species. These 3 active ingredients are: praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, and febantel. Though one important exception would be that febantel isn’t present in the Drontal products for cats.

These products are just as tough on the worms in dogs and cats as they are to pronounce. The first active ingredient in Drontal, praziquantel, starts off the treatment by roughing up the tapeworms. This stuff is quickly absorbed into a dog or cat’s system and metabolized through their livers. Once metabolized it enters into the digestive tract through the bile. There it begins the assault on tapeworms, rendering them unable to avoid being digested.  Tapeworms rely on their ability to withstand the acidic environment of an animal’s stomach. Once robbed of that ability they are ground up and excreted like so much waste.

Next up the Pyrantel Pamoate goes after the hookworms by blasting through their nervous systems. Once Pyrantel Pamoate effectively paralyses the hookworms, it’s a simple matter of waiting for peristalsis to pass them on to the other side, or to the outside in this case.

Finally, the clean-up hitter for Drontal Plus, febantel, finishes the job by whipping up on the whipworms. Febantel works similarly to the praziquantel in the way it’s metabolized, but then it eliminates the whipworms by blocking their energy processing power. Without the ability to metabolize their own energy the whipworms are forced to hit the bricks, or the grass, or the pine straw, or the litter box. Wherever your pet does its business.

Drontal Plus is a three punch combination that sends these intestinal parasites flying out the backdoor without delay. Dosage is determined by size, species, and the age of the pet. So pay attention to the package labeling and remember to check your pet consistently for symptoms of these parasites. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got cats with worms or worms in dogs, either way the wide variety of Drontal products will see you through to a healthier pet and a happier home.


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