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How to Avoid the Leading Causes of Death in Pets

 by zack on 03 Nov 2012 |
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Surprisingly enough in our in the era of information inundation, it’s somewhat difficult to ascertain the leading cause of death for pets. Despite being an immensely popular area of interest for millions of people around the world, pets have yet to garner their own database detailing the various means of their demise. While this is a morbid thing to consider, it certainly bears consideration. Because we don’t have this crucial information readily at hand it’s more difficult to safeguard our pets against potential pet threats. What little information that does eventually float to the surface of public consciousness seems to reach a consensus concerning the major reasons for the death of a dog or cat. These causes usually center on old age, shelter euthanization, cancer, and traffic accidents.

Being in different species usually means slightly different brackets for most criteria in mortality rates. With cats and dogs, this maxim doesn’t seem to hold true. Because of the high level of care and good quality of life in many developed countries, (the only places on earth where this sort of data is compiled,) old age is actually one of the leading causes of death for dogs and cats alike. Unfortunately, there’s no preventing an end that isn’t premature; the same can be said of shelter euthanization.

 Everything has its allotted time, and when that time comes, there’s only so much that science and even prayer can do to delay it. Other than giving your pet plenty of exercise and a healthy diet, there’s not too much you can do to delay the inevitable.

Another of the leading causes of death in pets is canine and feline cancer. In fact, it is a massive problem. More than any other disease, cancer in dogs and cats is running rampant, significantly increasing the mortality rate of dogs and cats alike. Dealing with the death of a dog or cat is hard enough. Dealing with the death of a dog or cat due to a degenerative disease is downright heartbreaking. Luckily, there are some ways to help prevent cancer in dogs and cats.
Keeping pets safe from cancer, while not a fool-proof process, is certainly a simple one. How simple? As simple as avoiding known carcinogens. Here’s a quick list of some easy steps to safeguarding pet life:
  • -Provide pure water Either filtered or distilled if you’re feeling especially fancy. This purification process eliminates potentially harmful agents in your pet’s water.
  • -Avoid pollution—If your city issues a smog alert, it might be best to skip the daily walk. Try not to smoke in front of your dog or cat either. They’re lungs are just as sensitive to pollutants as yours are.
  • -Keep them away from lawn treatments—Pesticides, herbicides, etc.
  • -Provide a stress free environment—Pets are social creatures and sensitive to the moods and emotions of their surroundings.
  • -Plenty of exercise—A fit body is a healthy body!
Remember these tips, and keep your pet life around longer and stronger!


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