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How Do Puppies Get Worms?

 by brian on 22 Jan 2013 |
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Getting down and dirty with the behaviors of parasitic worms commonly found infecting pets, is one of the best ways you could ever reward yourself and your family. This holds especially true if you have young children, as they are the most at risk for sharing unfriendly parasites such as roundworms, hookworms or ringworms.
Our young children are not the only ones susceptable to worms though, as plenty of adults and seniors find they can contract worms as well. It's simply more difficult for worms to infect adults, as we tend to avoid the objects and places where worm-infected pets might have played. The reason our innocent little angels and their furry companions, are able to quote: "share", is because our young children enjoy the pleasure of putting just about everything in their mouths and they love playing where the pets play. And despite our best efforts to keep our kids squeaky clean, there will still be times when they do something that puts them at risk of contracting parasitic worms.
More often than not, it is usually the household feline that is responsible for contaminating the kids, as they enjoy pooping in the sandbox and in other areas where little ones will play. Though that doesn't leave our canine friends any less innocent, as puppies as much as any other pet, have a habit of relieving themselves in inappropriate places in the house. This leaves the opportunity ripe for kids to get worms.
It can happen this way, because most worm-like parasites, are able to live dormant for very long periods of time. If the environment is fertile enough, like in soil or sand, they can live as long as seven years. They get there, more often then not, when your loving puppy or kitten, goes to the bathroom in un-designated areas. If your sweet canine or feline, happened to have worms at that time, they will have had released worm eggs along with their feces. Now, even though we all dotefully clean up after our pets indoor messes, worms have evolved to be very tricky creatures. Even when we think we have eliminated them, they can often sneak away unseen.
Hookworms in particular, are especially challenging, as they has extra survival mechanisms that roundworms and ring worms do not. Hookworms have the unique ability of entering our bodies through this skin. Many parents will recognize when their children have hookworms, because their children will have developed a strange and itchy rash. All other types of worm must enter through your digestive system, rendering them useless from only skin contact. Still, all worms are harmful to your child's health and well-being.
Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to be proactive about prevent, and there are plenty of worm fighting antibiotics that your child can take, to rid them of worms. The more important factor to focus on, is the first aspect - prevention.
Keeping your family pets free from fleas, is the best way to ensure your home stays worm-free. Helping them stay away from gourmet fecal meals from other animals, is the second best way to make sure that your pets don't get worms. It also keeps their breath smelling nicer.
Now, while there are plenty of alternative health remedies, prevention treatments and supplements that you can use to help prevent your animals from getting worms, your best plan of action is to invest in a once a month prevention treatment from Drontal or other top name brand medications. By doing this, you will save yourself the time and money of both a vet visit and a human visit, to de-worm you or your child, and your pet. By being so proactive, you will also be ensuring that your pup or kitten will not be spreading parasite to other animals in the neighborhood.


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