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Top 5 Pet Apps

 by danielle on 21 Mar 2017 |
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Technology has changed the way we live our lives, so much so, it's now streamlining how we care for our pets. Here are some top pet apps that are perfect for keeping your pet happy, healthy and safe.  


Tagg – the Pet Tracker by SnapTracs, Inc. 

Tagg is designed to keep track of your pet’s movements, whether they have escaped from their yard or are lounging about the house. 


After attaching a lightweight, waterproof Tagg tracker to your dog’s collar, the app can tell you where and what your pet is doing at all times. Perfect for doggy escape artists, the app texts you an alert if your canine companion has left their yard, where they are now, and even gives you driving directions to their location on your iPhone. 

The app is also useful for monitoring your pet’s activity levels. Are they running around the backyard all day or curled up in their bed? Charts produced by the app can allow you and your vet to make informed decisions about your pet’s health and exercise regime. 


DoggyDatez by Appetite Lab 

DoggyDatez is a great app for dogs and dog owners who love their walkies. The app is a location-based mobile platform that lets you ‘mark your territory’ in your normal walking zones. Just like your doggy friend, you can stake your claim on an area and see who else visits your spot. 


It is a great way to meet other dog owners that use the app and you never know, you may find great friends to go walking with. 

There is even an advanced search option that allows you to narrow down the type of dog and dog owners in your region. You can scan specifically for users and their pets by gender, age, dog gender, dog age and even dog breed. 


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iCam by SKJM


iCam is a great app for pet owners who spend a lot of time out of the house. The app allows you monitor live video and audio webcam feeds from your home when you’re out and about and see exactly what your dog or cat is getting up to. 


Users have the option of recording and playing back footage. Wondering if Fido or Kitty is sneaking into the bedroom where they’re not allowed? Set up a webcam and notify the app the room is a no-go zone and it will tell you if it detects any movement within those walls. 

It can also be a great app for people wishing to monitor their pet’s stress levels when they’re not around, which is particularly good if your pet suffers from anxiety, have just moved or are travelling. 


PetRescue by Crazy Dog Apps

Looking for a friend for your dog or cat – or for yourself? Invented by teenager Brandon Cowen, the free PetRescue app makes it easier for you to scan through the thousands of animals living in rescue shelters looking for a home. 


The app automatically detects your state and helps you single out what you’re looking for amongst the 6500 lost and abandoned Australian pets looking for new human to call their own.  


Pet First Aid – Red Cross

Do you know exactly what to if your dog was bitten on a walk? Or if your cat ate something it shouldn’t and has suddenly begun looking ill? The Pet First Aid app lets you be prepared 24/7 with medical emergency advice at your fingertips. 


Loaded with video guides and step-by-step instructions, the app lets you know exactly how to care for your pet in the event of an accident. The app also allows owners to record their pet’s medical information, such as dates of past vaccinations, any medications they are on and known allergies and conditions they may have. 





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