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8 Pets Who Are Star Wars Look-a-Likes

 by simone on 21 Mar 2017 |
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In a galaxy far far away these pets could be film icons...


The Star Wars films are modern classics, but did George Lucas make the correct casting choices? We’ve found pets that would rival the human actors’ portrayal of the much-loved characters.


1. Luke, I am your Scottish Fold father.


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2. ‘Yodachshund’ wisely reminds us that, “Fear is the path to the dark side”.  


3. This shiny Golden Retriever would make a great C3PO, enthusiastically giving you the odds for successfully navigating an asteroid field whether you wanted them or not, finished off with an all-knowing, loving lick.


4. According to ‘Obi Wan Catnobi’, “the force will be with you, always”.

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5. Wookies are one of the most feared beings in the galaxy, but the loyalty of ‘Chewbarka’ is legendary.


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6. Princess Leia - the sassiest leader of the Rebel Alliance.

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7. R2-D2… Okay, perhaps this one’s a bit of a stretch. Maybe if the bin liner was blue instead? Fine, let’s move on shall we.

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8. Got Ewoks? These cute little soldiers, with their big eyes and ridiculously soft fur, will render any invading stormtroopers into mere swooning puddles. 

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