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7 Ways to Solve Bad Dog Breath

 by jaime on 19 Jun 2014 |
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Almost every dog owner has faced the problem of doggy bad breath at one time or another. Most veterinarians advise getting your dog used to having their teeth brushed from a young age, but when this is not a workable solution, you can find other ways to ensure that your dog's breath doesn't 'offend.'

1. Veterinary dental care
The most critical action you can take to prevent or cure bad breath problems in dogs is to ensure that they have proper dental care. Your veterinarian will determine if your dog has excessive plaque on their teeth during normal physical exams. Plaque removal requires that your dog be put under anesthesia in order to remove the hard substance from their teeth. Your vet will determine the right type of anesthesia to ensure your dog's safety during the procedure.

2. General health
While at the office, ask your vet to give your dog a blood workup to ensure that your dog is in good health. Many physical conditions can contribute to poor digestion and bad breath, such as diabetes mellitus, sinus problems or gastrointestinal issues. Managing metabolic issues early can help to solve bad breath problems and ensure that your dog has a long and healthy life. Nasal, throat or stomach problems may require antibiotics or allergy treatment.

3. Check your dog's diet
Bad breath can be a signal that your dog's diet needs a little investigation. It may be very high in meat protein, which can linger between teeth and cause odors. Changing to a diet with more vegetables or rice can help to reduce the amount of odor coming from the teeth and stomach. Remember to make dietary changes gradually to avoid stomach upsets.

4. Safe chew toys
Toys that allow dogs to chew them over a long period of time are best for removing film on teeth that causes odors. Of course, these toys must be made of hard materials to prevent crumbling that could be dangerous. Kong is one type of chew toy recommended by veterinarians that is hard enough for safe chewing.

5. Dental chews
Dog owners can find a wide variety of dental chews on the market to give to their dogs to help remove food particles and plaque that causes bad breath. Greenies are one type of dog chew that contains charcoal to neutralize odors. They come in a variety of sizes to suit every breed. You can try a number of them to see which one your dog likes best.

6. Chlorhexidine sprays
Chlorhexidine is often used in dental sprays and dental chews. It is an antiseptic that can help to reduce the bacteria that can contribute to dog mouth odors. Use only products that are specifically made for canines for optimum safety.

7. Drinking water treatments
If other treatments have not been successful, your vet may suggest one of the water treatment products that are on the market to help relieve bad breath in dogs. Dog owners can simple add a small amount to the dog's drinking water daily to help remove tartar and plaque that causes odors. TropiClean is one product that contains natural aloe vera and green tea to neutralize odors.

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