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Dog Blood Donors: How Your Pet Can Help Dogs in Need

 by danielle on 04 Aug 2014 |
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Just as with human medical treatments, blood transfusions can be a vital part of canine surgeries, such as those required if a dog is hit by a car. Dog blood donors are thus vital to saving the lives of other dogs who fall victim to accidents and disease. Despite their importance, donors tend to be in short supply with blood bank shortages the norm internationally.
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Dogs, similar to their masters, have different blood groups. Thirteen blood groups exist, with dogs that are DEA 1.1 negative especially sought after as donors as they are near universal donors, similar to humans with ‘O negative’ blood.
The donation process is simple. Many veterinary schools have blood donation programs set up for interested dog owners and additional programs can be discovered by enquiring at your local veterinary clinic.


Prior to donation, a dog is checked to see they are in good health, up to date with their vaccinations and free of parasite infestation. They must also not be currently on any medications.
Once a potential donor has been cleared, blood is taken from a vein in a process that takes approximately half an hour. The procedure is gentle and done without the need for anaesthetic. Slight swelling and tenderness around the site the needle was inserted is generally the only sign the donation has taken place at all. The last step is usually lots of pats and treats from the vet and vet nurses for your dog’s generosity.

Often, in return for your pet’s service towards helping other dogs in need, veterinary clinics will offer a monetary reward or a discount on future treatments or check ups your dog may require. Plus, you get the fuzzy feeling that only comes with having done a kind deed.
So help your dog be a hero today and speak with your local clinic about whether or not your dog would be an appropriate donor. Remember, a tiny bit of time out of your dog’s life can save the lives of other pets just as loved as they are.


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