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5 Things To Know About Exercise Pens For Dogs

 by michelle on 20 Sep 2014 |
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If you're considering purchasing an exercise pen, check out the following questions and answers to determine whether or not a pen is suitable for you and your dog. 

1. What are exercise pens used for?
Exercise pens are the perfect way for you to keep your dog safe while allowing them the room to play, no matter if it’s indoors or outdoors. It gives your dog an area of their own to burn off energy while keeping them safe, and protecting your household items.  Additionally, exercise pens can be a great way to introduce new dogs while keeping the stress levels of both dogs at a minimum. They're typically made of metal or plastic, and are easily stored, movable, and perfect for a variety of settings. Remember: 
these pens are not made for your dog to be left unsupervised in.

2. Which breeds of dogs are they good for?
Exercise pens are great for many breeds of dogs, especially for those with an active disposition. Puppies in particular are great candidates for pens, allowing you to contain them and monitor their play. Unfortunately, larger breeds may be able to knock them over, defeating the entire purpose of the pen.

3. What are the disadvantages of exercise pens?
While exercise pens are strong, they have some limitations: they should not be used with a multitude of dogs or larger dogs that can knock them over. Also, it's important to keep in mind that exercise pens are not a substitute for actual exercise that your dog needs to stay healthy and happy. 

4. What should I look for when purchasing an exercise pen?
The pen should be taller than your dog while it’s standing on its hind legs to insure they cannot jump out. Furthermore, the pen should be sturdy enough to hold up to lively playing and should be escape-proof.

5. What's the best way to set up the pen?
The pens should be kept on an even surface so your dog cannot easily knock it over; thankfully these pens are able to be configured in a 
variety of shapes so they can fit in an assortment of areas around your house where your dog will be safe. Because the pens are adjustable in shape, you may be able to adjust the panels to allow your dog access to their crate if they are tired of playing.


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