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Teach Your Cat To Use YOUR Toilet

 by danielle on 26 Sep 2014 |
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The unpleasant chore of cleaning the kitty litter tray is generally one of the unfortunate necessities of modern cat ownership. But with some training, it is a task owners can avoid, switching the scoop for a simple push of the flush button.
It seems like a fantasy out of a comedy show, a cat jumping up and using the human toilet – but normal feline house pets can just as easily learn to use human facilities like their Hollywood counterparts with some targeted ‘potty training’ from their owners.
The Litter Kwitter has been enormously popular worldwide as a toilet-training aid. It comes with three colour coded plastic dishes which attach neatly to the seat of all toilets. The first step involves filling the dish with litter and placing it on the ground next to the toilet. Your cat will use it for a number of weeks like a conventional litter tray, learning in the meantime to associate the tray with going to the bathroom.
Step two is to fit the red tray into the toilet seat, teaching your cat to jump up when nature calls. Once your cat has mastered this vital stage, it is time to switch to the amber tray. It has a rim to hold a small amount of litter, as well as a small hole in the centre, allowing your cat to experience for the first time going over water. The green tray weans your cat off litter, including only a small rim which helps cats learn to balance.


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When you feel they are ready, it is time for the finale – no ‘training wheels’ at all. Your cat should be able to jump onto the toilet seat and do their business without assistance. No more litter tray cleaning to worry about ever again! 
The amount of time it takes to train each stage varies on the age and disposition of the cat, though generally eight weeks is thought to be sufficient. Keep in mind kittens, whilst easy to train, may struggle with jumping up on the seat and so you should probably stay on the red stage for three months until they have grown larger.  

Advantages of toilet training your cat:
  • Saves you money because you'll no longer have to buy kitty litter.
  • No more cleaning out litter trays (hurrah!)
  • Less odor to contend with as conventional toilets mask odors much better.


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