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10 Helpful Items For Happy Cats

 by jaime on 02 Oct 2014 |
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It can be overwhelming for pet parents to figure out what items and products are most beneficial for their cat. You've no doubt got all the basics covered but perhaps you're wondering if there is anything else you could add to further increase your cat's happiness and overall wellbeing.

Well, of course there is! There is quite simply an endless stream of products out there, so rather than feeling utterly bewildered, we've provided you with 10 of our favourites!

1. Playhouse

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Indoor and outdoor cats can benefit greatly from a playhouse, with some even allowing indoor only cats the chance to enjoy the great outdoors in complete safety! Play houses generally provide places to rest, hide, explore and play and gives cats the chance to express many of their natural instincts and behaviour. It's great for owners who don't want to confine their pets too much but need them safe and secure in one place, for example if you're introducing a new pet to the household or your cat is recovering from surgery.

2. Scratching post


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No cat should be without a scratching post and if you don't already have one, then you should be seriously considering getting one! A scratching post will become a life saver for you, keeping your kitty's claws safely away from your furniture. Cats love them because they get to use up excess energy, it staves off boredom, it's good for their nails and helps with any behavioural problems. Today, scratching posts are available in so many different styles and shapes - you'll struggle to pick one!

3. Grooming and shampoo brush


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Grooming is very important for cats, and no, not just because they like to look nice! Regular grooming stimulates the skin ability to produce oils essential for healthy fur. Grooming also gets rid of excess hair and reduces the likelihood of dreaded hairballs from occurring.

4. Automatic litter box

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OK, who actually enjoys scooping out the litter tray? This is maybe not an essential, but if there ever was a luxury product to buy then surely an automatic litter tray would be it! They're easy to maintain and are not intrusive, and if it means you can cross litter tray duties off your to-do list, then what's stopping you?

5. Dental toy

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Your cat's teeth are just as important as yours, so special care and attention must be taken to promote good oral health for your cat throughout their life. That of course can be easier said than done and unfortunately they don't often get the chance to chew on things that help get rid of nasty tartar build ups. Dental toys like this one, helps cats to clean their teeth, to get rid of build ups and freshens breath.

6. Stroller


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Some people might laugh at the idea of taking their cat around in a stroller, but it's a great, safe way of having your cat with you while you run errands. This is especially the case of indoor cats who won't often have the chance to experience the sights and scents of outside.

7. Cat door


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A cat door allows your feline friend the ability to come and go as they please, so they get to experience the best of both indoor and outdoor life. While some owners can be concerned about allowing their cat out while they're not around, or scared other animals might end up inside, modern designs allow you to control when your cat has access to the great outdoors, and can even use ID detection so only your pet/s can gain entry.

8. Perch


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A perch is a great idea for indoor cats because it gives them the option of being up high - something that is a natural urge for them. Being up high allows them to feel safe and secure as they are able to observe 'their territory', keep an eye out for predators and just generally relax. Perches come in a variety of styles, suitable for all sorts of homes. Perches that attach to window sills are really fantastic because your kitty can look out the window and check out what next door's dog is up to!

9. Interactive toys

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Interactive toys are a perfect way to prevent your cat from feeling bored, keep them active and their brain engaged. These types of toys are so much fun for cats so you should have a few different kinds in your repertoire.

10. Kitty house


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A kitty house is especially great for outdoor cats as it provides them with shelter, warmth and protection from the elements and any potential predators. Cats love curling up in enclosed spaces so a house is a product just made for their natural behaviour. Some varieties are even heated, which is perfect for outdoor cats during fall and winter.


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