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11 Benefits of Outdoor Enclosures For Cats

 by jaime on 13 Oct 2014 |
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Indoor cats are renowned for living substantially longer than their outdoor counterparts - but wouldn't it be nice if indoor cats got to experience life on the outside too?

If you're nodding your head in agreeance, then maybe it's time to invest in an outdoor playhouse/enclosure for your indoor feline.

If you still need convincing, then here are 11 benefits as to why an outdoor enclosure is exactly what your cat needs!

1. Gives indoor cats the chance to experience the great outdoors.
2. Contains cats in complete safety without making them feel trapped.
3. It's entertaining for cats to explore new territory.
4. Playhouses are usually easy to put together and move about.
5. Presents an opportunity for cats to get more exercise, which is particularly important for indoor cats as they are prone to obesity.
6. Allows cats to further tap into their natural instincts by giving them a chance to climb, oberserve and scratch somewhere new.
7. Gives indoor cats the chance to catch some direct sunlight - which is vital to long-term health.
8. Indoor cats get the chance to enjoy some fresh air - without being in danger.
9. Allows your cat the opportunity to enjoy the best of both indoor and outdoor life.
10. Cats can be outside but still prevents the risk of disease, injury, predators or ability to become lost.
11. Protected from dangers like traffic, dogs and even other cats.

It's important to remember that playhouses and enclosures do not protect your cat from airbourne diseases and fleas and worms so always protect them!


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