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Super Foods for Dogs

 by petbucket on 17 Jun 2015 |
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By Amber Kingsley

When temperatures are on the rise, many of us worry about keeping our furry friends cool during the summer, especially during heat waves that sometimes seem to last forever. Even humans can have trouble cooling off, but we don’t have to wear fur coats all day long either.
But for most dog breeds, their coat can be compared to our home’s insulation, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Please consult with a professional groomer before making taking drastic measures, like shaving your dog. Animals with light-colored skin and hair can also be more susceptible to sunburn and other unhealthy skin conditions if their hair is too short.
So how can we help keep our dogs both cooler and healthy in the raging heat? Using some of the superfoods found in the infographic below, along with another popular new trend, coconut oil, along with these tips, can help keep Fido from frying in the heat.

Coconut Oil
This popular new super substance is gaining popularity with more people today for its many health benefits that can be found from both consuming it internally as well as applying it externally and the same is true for our dogs. While fleas and ticks can be less active in hotter summer months, mosquitoes and the heartworm virus they carry, come out in full force. Coconut oil can be combined with other essential oils and non-toxic ingredients to make an effective insect repellent. A cool bath with added coconut oil can be a cooling, soothing way to make your dog’s coat and skin healthy and shiny.
Many dogs actually enjoy the taste of coconut and some pet owners are adding it directly to their diets, but others are adding a drop into each section of an ice tray, adding water and once frozen, they watch their canines play and crunch on these tasty, healthy coconut-flavored popsicles. If you’re worried about a possible choking hazard, add a few to their water dish instead.
A Nice, Cold Carrot
If you think your dog might not enjoy eating fresh vegetables like carrots, think again. I once owned a dog that loved this healthy orange treat and would chew on one for quite a while before eventually devouring all the shavings. A nice, cold carrot straight from the fridge can be a healthy summertime snack for many dogs.
Pumpkins and Sweet Potatoes
Some other orange (and purple) tinted favorites include sweet potatoes and pumpkin, which can both aid in a dog’s digestion. Slices of a sweet potatoes directly from the refrigerator can replace processed treats for many dogs. Solid pack pumpkin, the cans that some people buy to make homemade pumpkin pie, can be portioned and frozen for a cool, summertime snack. Avoid buying the brands with added sugar, spices and other additives.
Juicy, Delicious Blueberries           
This antioxidant packed berry can be a big hit for some dogs, but beware, it has been known to cause stomach issues or food allergies with a few select canines. For a summertime treat, try adding a little bit of milk or water to some frozen blueberries. As they start to melt, the liquid becomes slushy and it can become like a fruity slushy or ice cream. Same warning as above, some dogs don’t tolerate dairy very well, so be careful.
You should always check with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet, but it’s a pretty safe bet they will approve with some healthier food choices for your beloved pet. Check out the other superfoods that are good for our pets on this infographic, “7 Superfoods to Add to Your Dog’s Diet.”


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