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5 Startups for Cat Lovers

 by petbucket on 26 Aug 2015 |
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Starting your own business can be a creative and fulfilling way of earning some extra cash, and more people than ever before are turning their passions and hobbies into lucrative enterprises. While there are hundreds of resources online to help entrepreneurs build a startup company, it can sometimes be confusing which business you should invest your time and money in. Some people make the mistake of choosing a non-profitable business or one with an over-saturated market. Pet owners are a growing target market with a potential for high enjoyability while you earn, and for cat lovers, there are many options when it comes to starting a business.
1 Sitting
Pet-sitters are always in demand, especially in middle class neighbourhoods and military towns where people vacation often. It is often the go-to startup for cat lovers, for good reason: it requires little equipment, maximises time with the animals, and pays well. There will likely be many pet-sitters in your area already, but the way to stand out is to deliver excellent service, charge competitive rates and set yourself up professionally with a business name and advertising. This will set you apart from that sector of competition made up by teenagers on summer vacation. Add that you will be happy to take care of plants, and be flexible - does the cat owner want someone to stay in the house full-time, daily visits, or are you able to take care of the cat in your own home?
2 Grooming
Many breeds of cat have long, luxurious fur, which can be a source of joy and frustration for their owners. Lots of people love having long-haired cats for their appearance or temperament, but would rather not brush the animal twice a day. You can offer a mobile service or a salon in your own home, specialise in all-natural organic cleansers or speed of service. Be professional and gentle to the cat at all times. If done well, this type of business lends itself naturally to repeat customers.
3 Training
Dog training springs to mind more readily than cat training, but therein lies a possibly lucrative niche. Many people abhor litter boxes, and it is possible to train a cat to use its owner's toilet, for example. Aside from this superficial training, cats are prone to many behavioural issues that, with loving attention and expert knowledge, can be resolved. Cat training can benefit multi-cat households where stress is an issue, or where there is significant upheaval taking place, e.g. a renovation. Educate yourself as much as you can, and if possible, get a recognised qualification to build trust. Treat the animal with the utmost care and have a limitless amount of patience. This is a very rewarding avenue, as you will be improving the animal's overall quality of life.
4 Education
If you are very knowledgable about cats, turn that know-how into profit by releasing an ebook or instructional series of videos for pet owners. Lots of people want to know more about their pets and how to take care of them, and are willing to pay for instructional materials. It is completely free to create and upload an ebook to Amazon, and many people make a lot of money hosting short courses or webinars about their topic. Make connections to other professionals in the field and get known on sites such as Quora, which specialise in expert advice. Create a social media page and answer any questions promptly and without directing people first to your products: by building trust, you will create a quality word-of-mouth reputation as an expert.
5 Pet portraits
If you are in any way artistically gifted, pet portraits can be a fun and rewarding startup for cat lovers. Owners' emotional bonds with their animals can be as strong as with any human being, and they often want to commemorate their relationship with an image or a painting. Also, if someone has lost a pet recently, they might want a meaningful way of remembering them. It is often easier to work from photographs rather from having a live animal sit for you, but it can be good to meet the animal in person at least once to get a feel for its character. The market is strong for professional, realistic work, but if you have an individual style let it shine. Draw a few pictures and give them away to friends and family as gifts to build your reputation, and build a website to showcase your work.
There are many more lucrative startups for cat owners, so use these ideas as a springboard to find your own venture. Remember: be professional and courteous at every stage, and respectful and gentle with the animals concerned. Never give medical advice unless you are a qualified veterinarian and let pet owners know exactly what to expect and what not to expect from your services. At the end of the day, honesty and customer service are key to a thriving business.


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